Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama's Cabinet Pick Requirements: No Character

Some of Obama's recent cabinet picks have been involved in some controversies.

Health and Human Services cabinet nominee Tom Daschle apparently forgot to pay $120,000 in taxes owed to the IRS.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner also "forgot" to pay taxes also. Apparently this made him a prime contender for him to oversee the IRS.

Nominee Nancy Killefer also dropped out of the running for unpaid taxes.

These politicans were not forced to pay any penalties whil every other American would be punished and have their property seized. Tax evasion is acceptable in the new administration but that's not all.

Bill Richardson dropped out of the running because of an investigation into swapping government contracts for political contributions. Will any form of punishment come of this? No.

I could keep going and discuss some of Obama's controversies like domestic terrorist William Ayers who bombed the Capital and the Pentagon, racist Reverend Wright who believes the "white devil invented AIDS to whipe his people off the planet", voter fraud organization ACORN and so on but the list would be too long.

The truth is that politicans no longer value morals and ethics. They consider themselves to be untouchable and that they don't have to abide by the rules. I was eager to see if Obama would truly provide the change Washington has been desperately needing for decades. It's evident that he's not changing anything for the better. He's nominating friends with terrible character to the highest positions in government. Until our countries leader's change their priorities and focus back on the American people, we'll continue to head in the wrong direction. We'll have a government composed of politicians who look out for only themselves and their immediate voters rather than the welfare of the entire country.


  1. I missed whose radio show you were posting their transcript from for this post. Is it ElRuhbo, or Let Freedom Ring Hannity, or the G-Man himself?

    Nancy Killefer missed something $600 bucks, I think that is rather excusable.

    I won't make justifications for Geithner or Dashale but I would be careful. I can't believe the GOP was to upset with the Geithner selection, would you really want Obama to try that one again, he could do a lot worse than the president of the NY Fed Bank, a fairly conservative standing position. Also on Dashale, again can't justify the tax mistakes but do you want Howard Dean as HHS? Think about what your asking for there....

    Also, I would look at the many other high quality picks of the you like the Gates pick? or Chu at energy, LaHood at Transportation, James Jones at NSA, Judd Gregg at nevermind on that one.

    Pretty solid picks if you ask me. And only Geithner got into the cabinet, the others withdrew. Also, I believe all three had to pay some substantial penalties for their mistakes.

    Lastly, do you really want to go there after the great cast of characters of the last administration.....
    the V.P. himself .....whew...I just felt a shiver
    Scooter himself
    the list could go on, with a million political characters in every administration their is always going to be a few bad apples, its a pointless arguement in my opinion.

    Especially the Ayers thing, for someone as smart as you to believe all that hype, that this terrorist launched his campaign. If you believe that I hope you believe that Palin never fathered Trigg and that she came out only in a towel to great the McCain vetting party, hence her nomination :)

  2. So it's pointless to question someone's poor choice of cabinet picks because "their is awlays going to be a few bad apples"? That's ridiculous. When you have the most important job on this planet, the decisions you make should always be questioned. Obama's "bad apples" should be called to attention because it's proof of his poor judgement. Please tell me of any other President's who nominated this many politicians only to discover that they were involved in unethical/illegal activity. That's right, there hasn't been. That's because we've traditionally filtered out the Presidential candidates with poor judgement... that is, until this year. The media failed us by not covering Obama's associates. Tell me why you didn't mention anything about the hate-mongering racist Rev. Wright. That' because you can't make a decent argument to support someone who calls themself a man of God but accuses the white man of inventing AIDs to kill off black people. Obama and Ayers may not have been best friends but the truth is that he definitely associated with him. He did launch his political career in the 90's from William Ayer's house. That fact cannot be disputed. What about his associations with Tony Rezko (the convicted fellon) and former Gov. Blago? Her certainly ties in well with the two of them. Why is it that the investigation into his associations with Blago was immediately called off? It's because there are over 12 recorded phone coversations between the two some of which discuss the vacant senate seat and what do to with it.

    The truth of the matter is that there's no excuse for poor judgement when you are the more powerful person in the world. The media didn't do its job and report the election fairly. They made their pick before the campaigns were rolling and covered the candidates accordingly. His associations and poor judgement should be called into question. It's just a matter of time before the media begins to question him.